Is your Man Depressed?

Is your Man Depressed?

Is he hostile, critical and easily irritable? Throwing tantrums with the least provocation? Are you the scapegoat for his financial woes? Does he blame you for all his problems? Does he spank kids illogically and unnecessarily in the name of discipline? Is he utterly passive and completely withdrawn to his own world?

When a depressed man loses in the market place, his wife is his primary scapegoat. His children are the next casualty of his pains and failures. He hides from his friends in fear of being exposed. He gossips and mocks those who are doing well. He lives in isolation and deep thoughts. His body may follow suit into prostitution, alcoholism or other stimulants.

When you get your identity and your value from your valuables, then whenever you lose your valuables, you lose yourself. When money fails, those defined by material things lack a reason for living. They can’t scale down their lifestyle in fear of a fake image they have portrayed being busted because they were in a financial superiority race with their peers.

To retain your sanity through difficult times, derive your value from what you cannot lose. Derive your identity from that which cannot be taken away from you. If you attach your value from that which you can lose like a house, car, position, job, business, money, wife, husband…your days are numbered.

Depression has reached endemic levels. Suicide is on an astronomical rise. You are a sojourner in this life. Eliminate permanence mentality. Refuse emotional attachment with money and property. Don’t live for money. Live by a higher ideal. Live by a higher design. Live by your Master Plan from above.

Pursue the purpose for which you were designed. Stop projecting your misery to those around you. learn to deal your stresses. Depression is contagious. Don’t be an agent of negative energy. Be a catalyst of positive energy. Happiness cannot come to you. Happiness can only come from you.

On Friday the 2nd Nov 2018 from 6pm @Lillian Towers, I’ll teach on Stress, Depression & suicide. I’ll show you the true causes and effects of depression. I’ll teach you signs, types and levels of depression. Above all, I’ll teach you how to deal depression as well as how to conduct emotional aid on those depressed.

With Love,
Dr. K. N. Jacob.

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  1. achipa lucy says:

    Yes, my man is depressed.
    How can I handle him

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